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Mark Inness, The Mix Guy

Brendon Rockey is a biotic farmer in Colorado showing producers across the globe how to end their chemical dependencies.

Brendon’s approach focuses on life. On his farm, biological inputs like companion crops, animals, cover crops and flowers replace synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. His system sustains yields, has greater water efficiency and it supports a flourishing ecosystem encouraging beneficial insects, soil microbes and carbon cycling.

In addition to managing the farms’ annual potato crop, he grows quinoa, flax and lentils, and welcomes bees and livestock into his biotic farming system.

Rockey Farms also produces year-round certified seed in a greenhouse with Soil Guys supported biotic products in the potting soil and flowering companion crops for insect management.

Rockey Farms was awarded the 2014 National Potato Council Environmental Stewardship Award and the 2011 Colorado Association of Conservation Districts Farming Division Conservationist of the Year Award for its practices.
Brendon has also been individually honored for his innovative ideas and dedication to education.
He is available to speak with farmers, scientists and universities.• 719.588.4383

The Mix Guy

Mark Inness

Mark Inness is a lifelong farmer.

In 1995, he managed a large scale operation in Colorado that transitioned into organic farming. Until that point, Marks's experience was in conventional farming. After the shift to chemical-free production, he began to witness differences in the soil.

"It was different," says Inness. "You didn't have pest problems with the organically grown crops and you didn't have to put chemicals on them. The soil was in better health. When you see this, you know you ought to be doing something different."

Mark started Compost Technologies in 2003 to share his insight with southern Colorado farmers. He's provided Rockey Farms compost for over a decade. In 2007, he and Brendon applied liquid compost blends on the farm's greenhouse grown certified potato seed, which resulted in an improved crop.

Today, Mark creates Soil Guys biotic blends and potting soil mixes based on growers' specific needs. He's the go-to expert on blends, rates, setting up tanks and anything a farmer needs to improve soil health. • 719.588.8950


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